Thursday, December 27, 2007

short update

I know it's been forever since I posted and I'm really sorry about that. We have really been busy! All summer long it was working in the garden and the bees and schooling, and then in the fall we were trying to get ready for the winter months and we had to move the bees (boy is that a story!). Plus our family was working a lot doing rehab work on rental properties.

All of that and my brothers and I were trying to get our chicken business going with 52 day old chicks, but then nearly all of them were killed a few weeks ago by our neighbors dogs in two separate attacks. The man who owns the dogs is breaking so many laws it's not funny and he still won't pen up the dogs! I guess we'll end up shooting them even though I hate to do it. I have to protect my own animals though and if the owner won't keep his dogs away we'll have to do what we have to do.

I guess all the ruckus from the dogs attacking the chickens scared the bunnies too because my doe that was pregnant delivered a few days early and then the babies froze to death. I've bred some of the other does now so hopefully we'll have a few litters soon. We may try to sell some of these kits instead of keeping all of them this time.

Our church had revival meetings the first week of December. I love revival meetings! We had some great preaching and I really enjoyed those meetings. Now we are getting ready for our watch night services to see the old year out and the new year in in prayer. I like those meetings too!

Right now we are a little bit behind in schooling because we took off for the revival and then Christmas but we should be caught up just fine in no time. We're also trying to re-stock Thompson's Talents. I didn't think we were going to be able to keep it going because we had really underpriced a lot of our stuff and then just gave a lot of it away and then a few folks forgot to send us their payments but the Lord has blessed us again and made it possible to start working on stocking it up and starting again. We will probably be moving it to a new site soon though that will take care of part of the problems we had. We are working on some new salve recipes and soaps too. I am studying some more about herbs and hope to have teas and some other new things available this spring.

Life is very busy for us with all of this and all of the stuff I didn't bother to write about. I'm thankful that there is always time to spend with God in our days though. He has been with us through so much chaos and given us times of refreshing and peace in the middle of it all and always when we needed it. Out of our minor little trials He has given us great joy and blessings and increased our faith. I have more blessings to count than I have time to count them and the Lord is faithfully adding to them every day! My mom is counting blessings over at her blog, I know she would love to hear yours too if you can make the time to pop over.

I have to go now, we have hawks trying to get the chickens and guineas going crazy and chores that need to be done. I hope the Lord blesses each and every one of you today in a special way!

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