Thursday, January 11, 2007

The story of the Spread Called Dip

Today mom and I were making some shrimp dip. You did notice its called dip,right? Well, as mom was throwing stuff in the bowl mixing everything together I remembered we didn't have any big shrimp to dip in it. So, while I was thinking this and mom was mixing, I was also opening the can of "tiny shrimp". (Also known to me as midget shrimp) I asked mom "How are you supposed to dip these in there?"(while waving the tiny shrimp around to make my point) and, of course, with one quick crazy look at me she started laughing! As soon as I found out you don't dip shrimp in shrimp dip but, rather, you spread it on crackers or something.

Still, I think it ought to be called shrimp spread since you spread it you don't dip it. It just makes sense to me that way I guess.

Of Whom The World Was Not Worthy

This is a really neat poem I found in a magazine (The Heartbeat of the Remnant). I thought y'all might enjoy the poem so I decided to share it here. .It was written by Rebecca Hansen and is quite a wonderful poem. I hope everyone likes it!

Of Whom the World Was Not Worthy

There are men alive on earth today
Abhorred and despised by the world;
They live their lives in a quiet way-
No banners for them are unfurled
They are not gifted in intellect,
Nor brilliant in pen or word;
But their faces the light of the Lord reflect
And their souls with His love are stirred.
There are men who walk on the earth today
Who bear no distinguishing sign;
They work for their money the bills to pay;
Their houses are not fine;
They have no letters behind their name,
No metals upon their walls,
A they do not appear in earth's halls of fame,
But their mentioned in Heaven's halls.
In a million years, when the world has passed,
And with its pomp and its pride,
Man's fame and wealth will have been cast
In the graves with the men who died.
The lofty thoughts of the very wise,
With their medals, will ashes be;
But the men with eternity in their eyes
Will live for eternity!