Friday, July 27, 2007

Just Bragging

I just want to brag on the Lord and how HE takes care of me and loves me. You most likely already know that I'm a certified beekeeper and I thank the Lord for helping me to study and to pass all of the tests. The Lord has been so good to me with my bees, my hive is still strong even though they had to requeen and we have harvested honey from my hive too. I got an extra special blessing in my honey harvest though.... the Lord allowed me to have PURPLE HONEY!!! Purple honey is (according to the state bee inspector) a phenomenon that occurs only in the very tiny little part of the world where I live and NOWHERE ELSE!My purple honey tastes so good that I almost think of it like candy instead of food that is actually good for you. We've had lots of people who know my mom try to get us to sell them some but we haven't decided yet what to do with it. Our purple honey is so rare and to us it's extra precious because it's our first honey harvest. We are giving a little bit to everyone at our church to remind them of the sweetness of salvation and the goodness of the Lord to HIS children. Maybe if there is any left over we will see if we want to sell some.

The Lord is also helping me in my schooling. I'm in high school now! Wait... maybe I shouldn't be excited about that. So far I like my classes and my mom has helped me to find classes and books for classes that she is creating for me that suit my needs exactly. I'm so blessed to have parents who pray and seek God's will for my education and then sacrifice so much so that I can have what I need. I'm studying natural medicine and healing, and business in addition to the regular stuff like math and history and science. I get to make cough syrup for one of my labs in natural healing, and well the business class is kind of like the cart following the horse but I know it will help us alot besides this class is designed for young Christian women to help us earn money without having to compromise our convictions.

The Lord has been blessing our business too and we are getting ready to add more products and update our page very soon! We are developing lotions, perfumes, gift sets, and soon we'll have laundry and cleaning products too. The best blessing of it all though has been seeing my family come together and work together so well to create the products from scratch. We'll be researching new markets for our stuff soon too. Our soaps have sold very well, we're out of bath salts completely, and boo boo balm too! It's definitely time to start restocking.

The Lord has surely been blessing my family. He has allowed me the privilege of learning these things and enjoying it all along. He's given us so many useful plants and things that grow near our home, He's given us our home and all that we have in it. Not just those things but if we will let Him, He walks with us and speaks to our hearts every day! My God is just too great for words, there truly is none like HIM!

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marla said...

You are the second person that I have heard that has Purple Honey this year!

The other is also in North Carolina. Congratulation on your beekeeping harvest.